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Comprehensive Fitness Assessments

Introducing Mostelle360: A Health, Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle Company

Before you get started with any fitness program, get a full assessment of your current state of health and fitness. We offer comprehensive fitness assessments that include Body Composition measurements such as Body Mass Index, Girth measurements, Waist-to-hip ratio, Body Fat Percentage, Cardiovascular Strength, Muscular Strength and Flexibility as well as a full Health History Questionnaire. Know where your starting point is so you can celebrate your progress.

Fitness is not a “One size fits all” pill! Based on your fitness and health goals, Mostelle360 customizes and designs your program to fit your needs! Be it for weight loss, weight gain, increase in muscle mass, increase in strength or power or improvement in a sport-specific need, Mostelle360’s team of professionals will support your goals.

From your small home gym, to your medium-sized apartment complex or hotel gym to your high-capacity heavy traffic city or corporate gym, Mostelle360 provides state of the art design services for the effective flow and space utilization of your fitness space. Our services include facility layout & design, Equipment specification, procurement and installation, as well as after-service management and staffing.

We carry an extensive array of fitness products and equipment such as dumbbells, resistance tubes, medicine balls and kettlebells. We provide procurement, delivery and installation of large scale equipment like treadmills, arc trainers and bench press systems. Whatever your fitness equipment needs, Mostelle360 will obtain it for you.

Program Design

“People are an organization’s most valuable resource”. When it comes to workplace wellness, organizations rely on healthy workers, not just to remain competitive, but simply to function accordingly. Companies that invest in the wellbeing of their employees are investing into their own vitality. Successful businesses ensure that their assets (technology, building, processes, etc.) are optimally profitable and maintained to perform at the most efficient capacity; therefore the same standards should apply to human assets. Stress management has become extremely important especially for the busy high-level business executive. Stress on the job imposes severe mental and physical strain. Prolonged exposure to these stressful conditions can eventually lead to breakdown.

Mostelle360 (A Health, Fitness & Wellness Lifestyle Company) is a one-stop shop that offers Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Services to individual and corporate clients. We specialize in the design, customization and implementation of client-centered services that ensure long-term results and optimization of health. Our wellness programs include not just fitness and good nutrition, but also stress management.

Facility Design and Consultation

Fitness Equipment Sales

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